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When you & your spouse break up, it can really feel like the end of the world, or at least - the end of your world as you know it. There are so many decisions to make that feel overwhelming and difficult, from figuring out how to divide your property to co-parenting with someone who feels like a complete stranger now. It's important to remember that there's hope on the other side of this tough time. If you find yourself needing the help & guidance of an expert, our Family Law Attorney Mission Viejo is here to help you through it all.

Is Your Family Lawyer Giving You The Attention You Deserve?

You really may not be looking forward to dealing with a family law issue, but when you do, you want to be confident that your lawyer is up to the task. After all, this is someone who will be helping you through a tough time in your life.

So how can you tell if your family lawyer is giving you the attention you deserve? It's simple are they a professional firm? And whether they are dedicated to your case. If you can get a satisfactory answer, then you know you are in safe hands. We've also put together some questions you might ask them:

  • What experience does he or she have?
  • How many years has the lawyer genuinely been practicing?
  • Does he or she specialize in family law cases?
  • Is his or her office conveniently located?
  • Can you reach out to their firm in time of need?

Make sure you get the answers you need before committing. Just remember that any professional is hired to help you through thick and thin, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Family Law Attorney Mission Viejo

Common Misconceptions About Family Law Cases

When it actually comes to family law cases, especially custody & divorce, there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Here are vital 5 of the most common:

  • It's easy for me because I'm filing the case (divorce, child custody, support, etc.).
  • Once my divorce is final, all my problems will be solved.
  • My ex-spouse doesn't have any rights after our divorce is final.
  • My lawyer will do everything for me & he'll make sure that I get whatever I want.
  • Divorce only affects my spouse & kids, not me.

While these may seem like true statements at first glance, they're actually far from the truth! If you are going through any family law matter or need help with an existing case, contact us today!

Should I Stop Paying Alimony If I Or My EX Remarry?

If you're thinking about remarrying, you may be wondering if you'll still have to pay alimony. The answer really depends on the jurisdiction & the terms of your divorce agreement. In most cases in Mission Viejo, however, remarriage does not automatically mean that you can stop making alimony payments.

When negotiating a settlement agreement, some couples will agree to end alimony as soon as one party remarries or upon a specified date - such as when their child reaches 18 years old.

Others will specify how long an ex-spouse must wait before being eligible for Social Security benefits or receiving other retirement benefits from their former spouse. Talk with our attorney today about whether any change in status could affect your obligation to make alimony payments.

What Is Contempt Of Court & How Could It Affect Me?

A common misconception is that you can be charged with contempt of court even if you did not willfully disobey a court order. However, there are three different types of contempt under California law, and being guilty of it is necessary for a judge to impose punishment on you. These three types of contempt include direct civil contempt, indirect civil contempt, and criminal (or willful) contempt.

If you actually have been served with a notice of contempt, it means that the court believes you have willfully disobeyed a prior court order. If you are honestly found in contempt of court, you could be fined, jailed, or both. Moreover, the court could order you to pay the other party's attorney's fees and costs. If you are ever unsure about how to proceed, we're here to help you through thick and thin. Call us today.

Family Law Attorney Mission Viejo


When it comes to family law, our top Family Law Attorney Mission Viejo - Mr. Binoye Jos, understands that the stakes are high. Jos Family Law is here to help you through every step of the process, whether you're going through a divorce, seeking child custody, or dealing with any other family law issue.

We have the experience & knowledge to help you navigate the legal system and get the best possible outcome for your case. Moreover, we're always here to answer your questions and address your concerns. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment & let us show you why so many families have trusted us with their cases over the years.

Things To Think About When You Need A Reliable Mission Viejo Attorney

When you need a reliable & seasoned lawyer, it can be difficult to know where to turn. To help narrow down your search, you should think about what type of law the attorney specializes in and how many years they have been practicing. You should also consider how easy it is for the lawyer to meet with you and if they offer an emergency meeting option. It's crucial to remember that not all lawyers are good at every kind of law.

If you're looking for a family law attorney, then you may want one that has experience handling divorce or child custody cases. Depending on their fee structure, some attorneys may charge by the hour while others charge per case. Finally, make sure you feel comfortable talking to them. An experienced attorney will always be willing to answer your questions before agreeing to work together, as well as explain their fees clearly.

The Best Time To Get Help From An Attorney

The best time for you to get help from an attorney is when the need for that help becomes apparent. Many people wait until a problem arises and then try to find a solution on their own. This is not always the best idea. The right time will depend on the type of problem you are facing, but if you can avoid a problem altogether by seeking legal advice before it arises, this would be your best option. For example, many couples are unaware of their rights regarding marriage annulments or property division.

Consulting with an attorney about these matters before marriage could save the couple significant heartache down the line. It may also prevent difficult discussions that often lead to conflicts during a divorce proceeding. So whether you have questions about protecting your personal assets, setting up appropriate trusts, or navigating family law issues like adoption, please do not hesitate to contact us at Jos Family Law today!

Family Law Attorney Mission Viejo

Finding The Right Mission Viejo Attorney To Help With Your Case

Finding the right attorney is a difficult decision that can impact the outcome of your case. To help you find the right attorney, below are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Do they specialize? If so, do they specialize in what you need?
  • What's their experience level with your type of case?
  • What's their office location, and how far will it be for you to travel there on a regular basis?
  • Do they require payment upfront?
  • How much do they charge/hour or per consultation fee?
  • How long have they been practicing law, and does this fit with your timeline for resolution?
  • What are their hours?
  • What happens if they're unavailable when you call them?

Choosing the right Mission Viejo family law attorney can be daunting. There are really a lot of choices out there & it's hard to know who will really take your case seriously. At Jos Family Law, we offer free consultations and have been serving clients throughout Orange County for over 25 years. Our commitment is to get the best possible result for our clients no matter what.

What Hiring A Mission Viejo Attorney Means For Your Case

A reliable Mission Viejo attorney can help you find the best possible solution for your family law issue. Whether you are going through a child custody dispute, separation, divorce, or need assistance with an adoption, our top family law attorney in Mission Viejo can assist you. When you hire Jos Family Law, it means your case will be handled by an experienced lawyer that has been practicing California family law for decades.

Your case will be handled by someone who understands what is at stake and knows how to deal with these sensitive cases. They will take time to listen and understand all of your concerns, answer all of your questions, and provide answers that address each of those concerns.

They will work hard on behalf of their clients as they do not just see themselves as representing you but also helping solve the problems that come up during this difficult process. If you're looking for a reliable, responsive family law attorney in Mission Viejo, then we would love to talk with you. Contact us today!

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