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Assisted reproductive techniques-including the use of a surrogate mother-and legal recognition of parental rights of those who lack a biological connection to a child have altered the traditional analysis of who is a parent. The California Supreme Court has found that a child may have two legally recognized parents of the same gender.

Parental status may arise in number of ways, including: (1) giving birth to a child unless there is surrogate parenting agreement; (2) receiving a child into the home and holding the child out as his or her child; (3) through a natural mother’s actual or putative spouse or registered domestic partner; (4) executing a parentage declaration under the Family Code; (5) the use of assisted reproductive techniques with the intent of becoming a parent; and (6) adoption.

In order to bring an action in court there are times you have to file “parentage” action first. An experienced attorney knows that the parent-child relationship gives rise to numerous legal rights, privileges, duties, and obligations, such as; (1) child custody and visitation rights; (2) the right to choose a child’s place of residence; (3) the right to a child’s earnings; (4) the duty of a parent to support a child; (5) the duty of an adult child to support an indigent parent; (6) inheritance rights and public assistance rights. 7) Immigration rights; (8) insurance rights; (9) survivor benefits rights; (10) social security rights; and (11) standing of parents to seek tort damages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A paternity lawyer in Orange County may help in many ways. They have expertise proving paternity for fathers seeking parental rights & mothers seeking child support. They can help you through the legal procedure to safeguard your rights & the child's best interests. A paternity attorney may also advise & defend you throughout negotiations & court processes, helping you win.

Proof of biological tie between the claimed father & the kid is needed to prove paternity; DNA tests, medical records, witness accounts, & other evidence may support your claim. Gathering as much evidence as possible can improve your case & boost your chances of victory.

Paternity attorneys may help with child custody & visitation. The judicial procedure generally includes custody & visitation rights in paternity proceedings. Your Orange County child custody attorney can assist you in understanding the complexity of the law to safeguard your rights & the child's best interests.

Paternity helps the kid & parents. It gives children legal rights, including financial assistance, health insurance, & inheritance. It enables meaningful relationships with both parents. It may provide parents with legal & emotional closure & let them participate in their child's life & decisions.

Absolutely. Paternity cases sometimes include child support. A paternity attorney may assist you in calculating child support based on the kid's requirements & the parents' finances. They may enforce & alter child support orders as circumstances change.

Find an Orange County paternity attorney who practices family law & has expertise in paternity matters.