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Child Custody

Child Custody Attorney Orange County

When clients approach me with a child custody case, I always inform him or her that in going through a divorce with child custody issues, it is best to work out as many matters as possible, giving your best effort to work out any child custody details. A child custody battle consumes a lot of time and money, is very emotional, and in many cases will last until the child reaches the age of 18. It is quiet unfortunate that many parents, expressly or impliedly, use a child as a weapon against the other parent. Child custody decisions should be objective rather than emotional, and should always reflect the best interests of the child. Unfortunately, in so many cases, child custody arrangements can be clouded by emotion. It is the child’s right to be with both parents, and it is the child who suffers most during a child custody battle.

Courts take parental alienation very seriously, and you need an expert attorney to show evidence of alienation. In the unfortunate event that parents cannot work out a child custody issue, you need an attorney who will stop at nothing to fight for the best interests of your child. You need an attorney who will take the time to understand your case, one who is prepared and willing to go to battle for your rights. If this sounds like you, we at Jos Family Law are here to help, For the best Orange County Child Custody Attorney.

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