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  • “JOS Family Law helped provide comfort and reassurance in a very difficult time for myself and ultimately my children. Binoye and his staff are professionals, that understand all sides of issues surrounding a family. They treated me and my family like people rather than a case. I often forgot they were attorney's, as they treated me more like a friend. That is, until we entered a courtroom, and the results surpassed my greatest hope.”

    M Mucci.

  • “He is very understanding and listens to issues very carefully and suggest the best for all parties involved. Especially suggest/recommend the best for the children involved. Based on my experience i would recommend this office to any one that i know..”

    G Yohannan.

  • “Getting a divorce is never easy. Binoye helped me tremendously during a very difficult period and was successful in finding a fair resolution for me and my children. I am extremely grateful to him. Excellent attorney.”

    Tony Daniell.

  • “Binoye is a great attorney, he will provide you with great legal advice and will fight for you in court. He knows what he is doing and is very capable. Binoy’s legal representation is worth every dollar.”

    Bennett Kureekottil.

  • “I had a great experience with Mr. Binoye of JOS Family Law. He has been instrumental in terms of providing guidance in my personal case for establishing legal visa status in the United States for my fiancée. Straight forward approach in explaining the details and options, receptive of client needs; and keeping clients best interest in decision making are a few ways I can describe Mr Binoye's approach. Excellent service overall. Thanks again!.”

    Poulo simon.

  • “I have been involved in my own family law case for over 10 years. Over the years, I have dealt with several family law attorneys. I can honestly say the Binoye has been the first attorney that I have worked with that actually cares about my outcome. He's been more responsive and available by far than any other attorney I've dealt with. He has done more research about my specific legal issues than any prior attorney allowing me the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend Binoye to anyone who needs a family attorney. I have waisted over $300,000 on other family law attorneys and believe me Binoye is different to the rest, he cares about your outcome not just your money.”

    Sean Murray.

  • “Having had bad previous experience with another attorney, I have to say Mr. Jos truly cares about what he does. This is not just about billable hours for him. He actually gets things done in reasonable time. I find him to be reliable and efficient. Lawyers can throw a lot of legalez dust in your eyes and keep on billing you for months and years, or they can make strategic moves and speed up the process. Mr. Jos is of the second kind. Definitely would recommend to a friend.”

    Olga Krasyuk.

  • “While many students are uncertain about the type of law they want to practice upon entering law school, Binoye Jos made his decision to practice family law long before he even applied. Family law has been his committed focus from the first day I met him in law school in 2014. His passion derives from his own personal experience that left him defeated and hopeless in a family law dispute. Once he turned things around by taking matters into his own hands, his calling became apparent. Through that journey, Binoye Jos is devoted to helping others that find themselves in a desolate, similar state that he can relate to. Your family law matter is personal to him.”

    Tamara Dillingham.

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