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For many divorcing couples, mediation is often the most effective solution. It is less expensive than more traditional methods of divorce litigation. Mediation is a method of resolving divorce or custody disputes while maintaining the ability to control the outcome. In a safe, non-confrontational environment, you and your spouse will discuss all matters relating to your case. The mediator will serve as a neutral third party to assist in communication, facilitate discussion, and provide information and suggestions. Based upon discussions during mediation, the parties will reach an agreement that is mutually satifying.

One of the most important goals in mediation is to reduce tensions between the parties. While litigation promotes acrimony by accentuating the differences between the needs and desires of parties, mediation strives to reduce the stress that so often accompanies divorce proceedings. Couples will work to negotiate their own settlements, and the mediation process provides an opportunity to learn new ways of resolving future conflict.

Here are a couple of key points about mediation:

  1. First, parties are free to come and go as they please.
  2. In addition, the parties have total basic leadership control. Everyone has veto power over every single element of the agreement reached during mediation. Nothing is ever forced on the parties.
  3. Mediation is private to the degree specified by the parties. With the exception of the agreement reached through the mediation process, no materials produced, nor any discussions held, are allowed as evidence in future court proceedings.

Mediation is usually much less expensive than hiring an attorney to litigate a divorce.

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