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Anaheim residents who have experienced domestic violence will tell you that there's little worse than feeling the helplessness of being trapped in an abusive relationship. How can you really defend yourself if your spouse or significant other causes you physical & verbal harm?

How can you get out without ending up on the streets with nowhere to turn? Fortunately, at Jos Family Law, our compassionate domestic violence attorney Anaheim can help get you through this difficult phase with dignity and respect.

California Laws Against Domestic Violence

California law defines domestic violence as assault, battery, or other violence committed by a spouse, former spouse, co-habitant, fiancé, or any similar person. A conviction can lead to up to 6months in jail for misdemeanor charges & up to 4 years for felony charges.

If the victim is pregnant, injury occurs, or there is contact with sexual organs, then the penalties may increase. There are also special provisions if weapons are used during the commission of the crime. The length of time that someone spends incarcerated depends on the severity of their crime.

The judge will also take into consideration mitigating circumstances such as provocation and self-defense when determining the sentence length. There is no mandatory minimum sentence, so judges can impose sentences based on individual cases.

What Is The Order Of Protection?

An order of protection is an order from the court that prohibits the abuse of one person by another. This includes any type of abuse, including physical, mental, or emotional abuse. Additionally, the judge may also prohibit one party from contacting the other in any manner and create reasonable restrictions on what each party can do on the jointly-owned property.

An order of protection can be filed even if someone has not been abused in the past and even if there is no relationship between the parties. It will last until it expires - unless it is terminated earlier by either the issuing court or by legal agreement of the parties to terminate.

You may likewise file for an order of protection without filing for separation/divorce, child custody, support, or any other family law matters. There are many genuine reasons why one would need an Order of Protection, and Anaheim domestic violence attorney Mr. Binoye Jos knows how to handle your case effectively and with care.

If Someone Interferes With An Order Of Protection, What Happens To Them?

If you've been granted an order of protection, there are serious consequences for interfering with that protection. Interfering with an order of protection is considered both a crime and a civil wrong. Here are a few crucial & essential things to consider:

  • There will be penalties if the person interferes with your protection order, which can include imprisonment or/and fines.
  • In addition to criminal penalties, they may also be ordered by the court to pay compensatory damages.
  • The judge may place them on probation as well as require them to go through counseling, anger management classes, & other related services deemed necessary by the court.
  • Under certain circumstances, interference with an order of protection can be punishable as a felony offense.
  • For breaking the provisions of an Order of Protection against domestic violence, elder abuse - sexual assault, or stalking, there are both criminal & civil penalties.
Domestic Violence Attorney Anaheim

Life After Abuse Can Be Promising

Domestic violence is insidious. Among the essential & critical things that domestic violence victims struggle with is getting the genuine courage to leave their abusers. Victims are often terrorized by those they love. Even if they do manage to get away, it can be difficult for victims to start their lives over and move forward. Fortunately, one excellent resource for these people is Jos Family Law. We work tirelessly on clients' behalf to help them rebuild their lives.

In addition to obtaining protection orders, our domestic violence attorney Anaheim has been instrumental in providing resources for self-sufficiency & providing legal assistance in cases involving child custody, child support & other family law matters. Whether this is your first experience with our firm or you've been one of our loyal clients for years, we'd love to discuss how we can help. Schedule a consultation today!

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