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Binoye Jos is the best Costa Mesa Child Custody Attorney, if you live in the Costa Mesa area. He is a compassionate, competent, experienced attorney whose focus is on finding a solution that is in your child’s best interests, and treats each client as his most important. Mr. Jos will vigorously fight for your rights as a parent, and will do so with your child’s best interests as his focal point.

Parental Alienation happens more often than most people imagine. What parents often don’t know is that parental alienation is a form of psychological abuse, and the resulting damage is severe. Child victims of parental alienation, once they become adults, will have learned these negative behaviors and often repeat them, with negative impacts on their romantic relationships and their children.

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Children who are victimized by an alienating parent often will say anything to please that parent. Some psychologists and therapists can even make the situation worse, if they have not been properly trained to recognize the signs of parental alienation. Even some well-experienced doctors can confuse parental alienation with some forms of child abuse, as they believe what the children are saying about the alienated parent, thus giving the doctor the incorrect impression that the child is suffering abuse by the alienated parent when, in fact, it is the parent who is committing acts contributing to parental alienation who is the abuser. Contact at Orange County Child Custody Lawyer. Some major tactics used by an alienating parent during a divorce proceeding are:

  1. accusing the other parent of domestic violence, when none has occurred;
  2. badmouthing the other parent at every turn;
  3. accusing the other parent of physical abuse;
  4. accusing the other parent of sexual abuse;
  5. accusing the other parent of not providing for the children.

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These are some of the common tactics used by bitter parents during a divorce proceeding. Unfortunately, some parents engage in these kinds of behaviors unknowingly. Our minds have a way of playing games, especially in circumstances where emotions run high. Therefore, parents often totally believe that what they are saying is true. Although, of course, there are instances where the above behaviors are actually happening, it is more often the case that such accusations are the creation of our own minds, especially when there is animosity over the reasons leading to divorce.

As a counselor, a good attorney may suggest that their clients seek therapy to resolve these issues, for the purpose of lessening anger toward the other parent and, instead, act in a manner that promotes the best interests of the children. Contact at Costa Mesa Child Custody Attorney.

SPOUSAL SUPPORT is often necessary because in a divorce or separation, one spouse typically moves out of the marital residence. If that spouse was also the primary income source for the household, that creates an increased need for income for the remaining spouse.

For that reason, that spouse can request an award of temporary spousal support pending a divorce or separation judgment through a Request for Order. The Court will make a decision by evaluating the factors described in Family Code Section 4320, commonly known as the “4320 factors.”

Because bills can quickly pile up before relief is granted, a court can order Retroactive Spousal Support to the date of filing the request for order. In certain cases, the Court can also award temporary Spousal Support retroactive to a date pre-dating the filing of the request for order based on Family Code Section 4333 based on the holding in Marriage of Mendoza & Cuellar (2017) 14 CA 5th 939 citing Marriage of Dick (1993) 15 CA 4th 144. However, this may be limited to certain facts. In this case, the non-moving party evaded service of the summons to prevent any temporary spousal support orders from being issued in the first place which the Court sought to remedy through its ruling.

Either way, if a moving party is requesting retroactivity to the date of filing, the requesting party must offer facts supporting the need for spousal support, such as recurring bills for expenses and bank statements showing recent deposits. This process can often feel overwhelming. For guidance in the preparation of such a request, it is helpful to have an experienced attorney aid you. At Jos Family Law, a team of experienced, dedicated experts can prepare your request and compile your documents in the most persuasive way.


If you are the primary income earner and you move out of the family home pending your divorce or separation, your spouse may file for SPOUSAL SUPPORT.

If he or she does, you should file a timely response and submit any evidence of payments you have made (such as payments of the mortgage). The Court may consider these as a form of support and may credit you if retroactive support is ordered. The law imposes a deadline for filing your response: you have to file and serve your response no later than nine court dates before the hearing. If you are planning to serve your spouse by first-class mail, add 5 calendar days to that deadline. The process may cause stress. The team of dedicated experts at JOS FAMILY LAW can ease that burden. We will work with you to decide how best to prepare your response. We will serve your spouse or their attorney and file your paperwork with the Court, either by fax or electronically.