How can I get custody of my child?

How can I get custody of my child?

The question of child custodianship arises when the parents file for a divorce or separation. Divorce and child custody are no pleasant experiences, especially for the child in question. The parents can come to a mutual agreement regarding the child's custody or have the honorable court settle the custodian agreement for them.

When parents file for physical or legal custody, they want to have a say in the child's upbringing. That means being wary of certain things and having an experienced team of family attorneys to represent you in the court of law. But for any custodianship, it's important to know what factors can tip the scales in your favor when you face a district family judge for custodianship.

Read on to know more about winning custody of your child.

How to Win Custodianship of your Child

Child custody laws aren't set in stone in most states. The judge has enough room to use his discretion in interpreting the law as per details of the case at hand. However, there's still a list of things you can do to make your case more water-tight. These measures will increase your chances of custodianship of your child.

Hire a Family Lawyer

Hiring an attorney who specializes in family matters is the first step you should take to win your child's custody. An experienced attorney will know the nuances that can tilt the ruling in your favor. Even if you're not looking to hire attorney services, it's still prudent to seek consultation and advice from one before you file for custodianship.

Custodianship battles can be emotionally draining, so having a lawyer by your side who specializes in child custody will make it easier to endure and make your case more winnable.

Know the Child Laws in your State

Every state has different laws related to child custody, and before you enter the legal battle, it's important that you know the rules of the fight. Hiring a lawyer is great, but having a little knowledge beforehand will always help you make your case better. It's also advisable to do your research in child custody, along with the course of action that your attorney advises you to take.

You can also prepare a questionnaire and consult with your attorney before each hearing date to prepare for your child custody proceedings.

Your research can help you come across various child custody resources publicly available in many states. These resources can be found online and can save you a lot of time and effort in your child custody matter. Ensure to fill out all relevant forms and every checkbox so that there's no delay due to documentation errors on your part when the trial starts.

Ensure a Child-Friendly Atmosphere

When you're trying to win custody of your child, it's important to have a safe and conducive atmosphere in your home for your child. During physical custody hearings, the court will look into the environment you can provide for your child at home. That includes their access to basic things like food, comfort, and hygiene.

Getting these straight will enormously help your case and win the custodianship of your child.

Fulfill your Parenting Roles

A vital pre-conjecture that the court will look into is your ability to care for your child and be available when they need you the most. This means staying involved with your child's life and making yourself accessible to them. Taking them to a ball game, a fair, or the movies over weekends will show your involvement with your child to the judge, making your case more favorable.

Being emotionally and physically unavailable to your children can have detrimental effects in your custody battle.

Take Pre-Trial Preps

From the time your hearing date is set in the court of law, having a pre-trial run with your legal team will help you prepare for the legal battle ahead. Child custody battles can be stressful, and as a parent, you have to exhibit patience and composure in the court of law to convince the judge of your character as a parent.

During the trials, you'll only get a few minutes to speak for yourself in winning custodianship, and so you'd want to go in fully prepared without leaving any stone unturned. Trial prep will also help you to identify key points which should be brought up to the judge's attention.

Be Present Throughout the Hearing

Many parents make the mistake of not attending the hearings and having their legal representation make a case for them. However, this may also backfire against you in your custody case; after all, if you can't attend your child's custody hearing, the judge won't be convinced about your ability to nurture them as well.

You should also give thought to your appearance during the trial. Professional attire will give a good strong impression to the court about your custodianship claim.

Respect the Courtroom

Although child custody matters are highly personal affairs, you should be patient and have respect for the judge's decision. The opposition often tries to rattle you in the courtroom, but your patience is key here.

Custodian battles aren't decided in a couple of hearings, so you should trust your case and attorney to see you through the proceedings.

When the judge gives their decision, it's important to remain calm even if their verdict is ruled against you. You can always consult your legal team for appeals.

Looking for a Child Custody Attorney to Make your Case?

Legal Guardianship battles take time, and they could be a nasty affair, not just for the parents but also for the child. So it's always prudent to try and sort out the parenting process with your ex and arrive at an arrangement that's best for your child. If the parents can't arrive at a conjecture, the court will make the decision for you.

If you're facing a looming court battle for custody, schedule a consultation with Jos Family Law to represent your interests in the proceedings. Our experienced family and child custody attorneys will devise the ideal strategy to win you guardianship of your child so that you can once again be reunited with your family and enjoy quality time together.

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