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Domestic violence(D.V.) is a serious issue that affects people across the United States, including in Orange County. It is important for Orange County residents to understand the laws and resources available to them regarding domestic violence. Orange County Family Law provides the legal framework for individuals affected by domestic violence and outlines their rights and obligations.

At Jos Family Law, our highly qualified domestic violence attorney Cerritos has decades of experience fighting for the rights of domestic violence victims & those accused of it. Our lawyers are familiar with the laws of California and can provide you with the best possible resolution.

What Constitutes Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is any type of behavior used to control, intimidate, or harm another person in a relationship. It can be physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, or economic abuse. Physical abuse involves physical aggression, such as hitting, pushing, slapping, choking, and restraining.

Sexual abuse includes rape and other forms of sexual assault. Emotional abuse includes verbal attacks/threats, humiliation, & controlling behavior. Psychological abuse includes using fear, intimidation, and manipulation.

Financial abuse includes restricting access to money and controlling the financial resources of another person. Domestic violence can take place in relationships of all kinds: married, unmarried, heterosexual, homosexual, & more.

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How Long Do You Actually Go To Jail For Domestic Violence Conviction

Domestic violence convictions are punished seriously in Santa Margarita, Orange County. If convicted of domestic violence, you could face up to 1year in county jail, a $6,000 fine, and 52 weeks of counseling.

Depending on the actual severity of the crime, the sentence can be even longer, ranging from three years in prison to a life sentence. Additionally, a restraining order may be issued against the defendant. As such, it is important to contact our experienced attorney if you are facing domestic violence charges.

Our skilled lawyer can help you build your defense, protect your rights, and seek a more lenient sentence. With their help, you may be able to reduce the penalties associated with a domestic violence conviction.

How Much Is Bail For O.C. Domestic Violence

Bail for domestic violence can vary significantly depending on the severity of the offense. In Orange County, bail amounts can range from a few hundred dollars - several thousand dollars. The judge will consider factors such as the severity of the offense, prior criminal history, and the victim's safety in determining the amount of bail.

Generally, bail is set at the higher end if the defendant is considered a flight risk or danger to the public. Additionally, if the defendant has a past record of domestic violence offenses, the bail amount may be significantly higher.

Our experienced attorneys understand how to minimize bail costs by providing compelling arguments and evidence on behalf of our clients. We provide top-notch representation to ensure that bail is kept at a minimum.

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How To Get Domestic Violence Charges Dropped

• Understand your rights – As with any charge, you have the right to a legal defense. You also have the right to a trial and the right to appeal any decision made against you. It is essential & vital to be aware of your rights and how they can be used to your advantage.

• Speak with our attorney – Our family law attorneys are experienced in defending domestic violence charges & can be the key to getting your charges dropped. Our attorney will be able to evaluate the case against you and determine the best course of action. They may also suggest possible defenses and provide guidance on how to proceed.

• Consider pre-trial diversion – If you meet certain qualifications, you may be able to avoid conviction by entering into a pre-trial diversion program. These programs typically require the completion of a rehabilitation program as well as community service or other requirements.

• Negotiate with the prosecutor – In most cases, our lawyer may be able to smartly negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce the charges or have them dropped completely. This could involve agreeing to a plea deal or presenting evidence that shows the charges are not warranted.

• Challenge the evidence – Your attorney may be able to challenge the evidence used to support the charges, such as witness testimony or physical evidence. This could result in the charges being dropped due to a lack of sufficient evidence.

• Present character references – If there are people who can speak on your behalf regarding your character and reputation, your lawyer may be able to use this as part of your defense. This could help convince the prosecutor to drop the charges.

Domestic Violence Attorney San Clemente

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At Jos Family Law, we are dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality of legal representation. We understand that navigating the O.C. legal system can be difficult and intimidating, especially in cases of domestic violence. Our team of seasoned family law attorneys is here to provide you with personalized, compassionate, & experienced legal services.

We have a thorough understanding of the California family laws that govern domestic violence cases, including bail amounts, sentencing laws, and all other relevant legal matters. We strive to work closely with our clients & their families to truly ensure that they understand their rights, no matter if they're a victim or accused & build a robust case that is tailored to their individual needs.

We will also work closely with prosecutors to negotiate a fair resolution that is best for all parties involved. With years of experience in O.C. family law, our domestic violence attorney Santa Margarita is able to provide our clients with the finest outcome for their cases. We are here to protect your rights & fight for your objectives.

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