Due to the overwhelming demand for our services, we only accept family law clients in orange county court.

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Due to the overwhelming demand for our services, we only accept family law clients in orange county court.

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Domestic Violence Attorney San Clemente

Put An End To Domestic Violence & Find Help From Top Domestic Violence Attorney San Clemente

At Jos Family Law, our domestic violence attorney San Clemente understands the nuances of domestic violence cases in O.C. That's why we take the time to understand your unique circumstances, so that we can tailor our legal strategy accordingly.

Domestic Violence In San Clemente, O.C.

Domestic violence is any form of physical, sexual, or psychological abuse that takes place between two people who have/have had an intimate relationship. It can include(not limited to) physical assault, verbal and emotional abuse, sexual assault, & stalking.

Domestic violence has severe consequences for both victims & perpetrators. It can cause serious physical & psychological harm, including injury, fear, and even death. Victims of domestic violence are often left feeling helpless and alone, so it's crucial to know what to do if you/someone you know is in a dangerous situation.

Domestic Violence Attorney San Clemente

The Legal Process In An Orange County Domestic Violence Case

D.V. is a serious issue in O.C., and legal action is often necessary to protect victims & their families. If you/someone you know has been a victim of DV, it is vital to understand the legal process that is involved in a family law case. Here are some pivotal points to consider when navigating the legal system in an Orange County domestic violence case:

Obtaining a Restraining Order – A restraining order is a court-issued document that restricts the person accused of domestic violence from contacting, harassing, or coming near the victim. It is significant to note that the restraining order will only be issued after a hearing in which the accused party has been given notice and an opportunity to be heard.

Emergency Protection Orders – An Emergency Protection Order (EPO) is similar to a restraining order, but is intended for more urgent cases in which the victim's safety is at risk. The EPO can be requested without notifying the accused party and will provide immediate protection for the victim.

Child Custody & Visitation – When D.V. is present, child custody & visitation arrangements can be complicated. In many cases, supervised visitation may be ordered to ensure that the children are safe from any potential danger. The court will also consider other factors, such as the wishes of the children and their best interests, when determining custody and visitation arrangements.

Support for Victims – It is vital & essential for victims of domestic violence to know that they have options & support available to them. Organizations such as the Orange County Domestic Violence Hotline provide resources to those who are in need of assistance. Additionally, our experienced family law attorney can help victims understand their rights and navigate the legal process.

What Should You Do If You Are A Victim Of D.V.?

1. Seek immediate help. If you are in real danger, call 911 or your local police department.

2. Make sure to get medical attention if you need it.

3. Contact a local D.V. shelter or hotline for help and resources.

4. Document all incidents of abuse, including photographs of any injuries, dates, times, and descriptions of what happened.

5. Contact Jos Family Law right away to discuss options for legal protection.

6. Create a safety plan and keep a bag with essential items in a safe place.

7. Reach out to supportive friends and family members for help.

8 Get counseling or therapy to support you through this difficult time.

9. Consider restraining orders or other protective orders as an option.

Domestic Violence Attorney San Clemente

What Should You Do If You Are Accused Of D.V.?

• Make sure to remain calm and refrain from any aggressive behavior.

• Seek seasoned legal counsel - call Jos Family Law right away.

• Do not speak with the police or anyone else about the incident without your lawyer present.

• Gather evidence that could be helpful to your case, such as text messages, photos, and other documents.

• Make sure to comply with all court orders, such as stay-away orders or restraining orders.

• Prepare for any future court appearances, such as attending mandatory counseling sessions or participating in alcohol or drug abuse treatment.

• Understand the consequences of a domestic violence conviction and its potential effects on your future.

Domestic Violence Attorney San Clemente

Why Choose Us

Standing Up Against Domestic Violence

At Jos Family Law, we understand the complexities & nuances of domestic violence cases in San Clemente, O.C. Our experienced family law attorneys have successfully represented clients in a wide range of domestic violence cases in the area. We are committed to providing effective and compassionate legal representation while upholding our clients' rights.

We strive to create a supportive atmosphere for our clients and their families, which includes robust legal advice & advocacy. Our firm is equipped with the knowledge and resources to protect your rights throughout the entire legal process. We will truly work diligently to ensure that you receive the best outcome possible in your case.

We are dedicated to representing the interests of our clients and protecting their safety & rights, be it in divorce, child custody, support, & more. When you choose Jos Family Law, you are selecting a team of highly trained professionals who are really committed to providing you with the best legal representation and guidance possible. You can trust that our domestic violence attorney San Clemente is dedicated to getting you the results that you deserve.

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