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If you are searching for the best Child Custody attorney in Rossmoor, look no further. Binoye Jos, of JOS FAMILY LAW, is a compassionate, experienced attorney who will fight for your rights in a manner that is efficient and cost-effective.


Sometimes, even the best parents’ minds are clouded due to the emotional nature of Child Custody proceedings. These parents may even discuss such adult matters with their child. This causes undue hardship on a child, who should be protected from discussions regarding Child Custody, especially when there are hard feelings between the parents. When a child initiates a discussion about these issues, it is best to simply let them know that their parents are working it out, and to change the subject. And if your child continues to obsess about these matters, it may be a good idea to have a therapist speak with your child. At JOS FAMILY LAW, our objective is, of course, to help our clients. In doing so, however, our focus must always be on what is in the best interests of the child.

Family Law is one of the very few practice areas where a good attorney can truly act as a counselor. As such, we at JOS FAMILY LAW have an opportunity to advise our clients when they are acting in a manner that is NOT in the best interests of their child. Unfortunately, some attorneys prefer lengthy litigation over a more peaceful mediation, even when the latter is a more suitable – and much less costly – solution for resolving conflicts that arise when making determinations regarding child custody. The only party who benefits from lengthy litigation is the attorney, and the benefit is purely financial. It is the attorney’s client who suffers.

If you are truly looking for an attorney who will mediate, whenever possible, and will use the courts to make determinations when mediation falls short, feel free to contact JOS FAMILY LAW. We will help you make the transition into your new life as seamless as possible. You may reach us at (714) 733-7066 or via email at We look forward to discussing your Child Custody matter with you, and helping find the solution that best fits your needs and desires.

Parents are not the only ones affected by a divorce or separation. Sometimes, the custodial parent will stop letting the child visit his or her grandparents just to punish the other parent. This can be heartbreaking to a child who has developed a strong bond with his or her grandparents. Are you a grandparent interested in visitation with your grandchild?

Grandparent visitation may be granted if:

  1. One parent is deceased; OR
  2. there is an open dissolution or other legal proceeding with custody is at issue; AND
  3. the married parents are living separate and apart on a permanent or indefinite basis. OR
  4. the parents are not married to each other but there is an open custody case;

First, the grandparent seeking visitation must first file a request for JOINDER. This means that if granted, the grandparent becomes a party to the case. Once that happens, the grandparent can file a request for reasonable visitation based on Family Code Section 3103 which provides for grandparent visitation.

If one of the parents is opposed to such visitation, the grandparent must rebut the presumption that the parent’s decision is in the best interest of the child;


If visitation is granted, the grandparents may be ordered to pay for costs related to visitation such as transportation and basis expenses for the grandchild. In addition, the Court can also order that the grandparent pay all or part of the attorney’s fees of one of the other party’s incurred from responding to the joinder and/or visitation motions.

For other persons seeking visitation, he or she must show that they have an interest in the child’s general well-being. If both parents oppose such visitation, the Court can grant visitation if the person seeking visitation proves it would be in the best interest of the child AND denial would be detrimental to that child.

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