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If you’re looking for an experienced, compassionate Child custody attorney in Coto de Caza, look no further. As a successful businessman, Binoye Jos experienced his own long, drawn out child custody battle. In fact, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the “best” attorneys in Orange County, Mr. Jos finally decided to represent himself. The outcome? He won his case. Since he was so successful after taking the matter into his own hands, and arguing his case against experienced attorneys, he decided to become an attorney so that he could help others achieve the proper outcome with regard to their own child custody issues.


Child custody matters take into consideration all the issues, big and small, concerning future living arrangements for the child, including parenting time of the noncustodial parent.

Child custody is the most vital aspect of any separation and/or divorce action in court. It is of utmost importance to each child that their parents make the best, most responsible decisions possible when choosing an attorney to represent them throughout the child custody process.

The courts require strict adherence to many rules and regulations in every child custody case. Since child custody is so emotionally charged, child custody decisions are – and should be – some of the most difficult decisions of one’s life. The health and wellbeing of your child are at stake, and every good parent wants to do whatever is in their child’s best interests. These decisions must be made with utmost sincerity by both parents, and in a manner that ensures that each child is served in a manner that is most beneficial to them.

At JOS FAMILY LAW, you can rest assured that your case is being handled by an experienced attorney who possesses not only the knowledge and understanding required to navigate your case and negotiate on your behalf, but one who also cares deeply about your matter and will give you the best possible legal advice and services.

Unfortunately, some parents use their child as a weapon against the other parent. This is so detrimental to the child, who will ultimately suffer the most with mental, physical, and spiritual difficulties that will cause them undue and utterly undeserved pain, often for many years past the time when they reach the age of majority.

At JOS FAMILY LAW, Binoye Jos helps and supports each and every client in a manner that takes into account all the sentiments and emotions that accompany any child custody case. Mr. Jos assists his clients to work with opposing parents as much as possible in order to handle as many issues as possible before involving the courts.

When parents no longer live together, and depending on the age and emotional maturity of the child, the courts often take into consideration the child’s preference regarding living arrangements. Because a child will be deeply affected by the decisions reached by the courts about which parent the child will live with, and because any and all such decisions will affect the holistic growth and wellbeing of the child, the courts consider input from the child seriously, whenever appropriate.


If you find yourself in a difficult situation regarding child custody issues, you must have an experienced and understanding attorney to help you reach a resolution that best suits you and your child. Feel free to contact JOS FAMILY LAW, and we will help you throughout the child custody process in the most seamless manner possible. Call us at (714) 733-7066, or contact us via email at We look forward to serving you.

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What is a Trial Setting Conference? This is hearing before the Judge where he or she will ask both sides if they are ready to proceed to Trial. The Judge will want to know if discovery has been completed by both sides. The Judge will also make sure that both sides have exchanged their preliminary declarations.

The Judge will ask both sides for a time estimate. This means how long each side expects the trial to last. The Judge may also set deadlines for filing and serving exhibit lists, witness lists and trial briefs. The Judge may then decide to set a Trial Readiness Conference a few weeks before the Trial date to make sure that any issues that may arise are resolved at that time.

The Court is required to review Divorce cases every 180 days based on California Rules of Court Rule 5.83(c)(2). They use the milestones described in that rule to determine a case is proceeding toward Judgment.

If you are representing yourself, you should try to comply to these expectations. The milestones n CRC 5.83(c)(4) are:

  1. The Petitioner should file proof of service with the Court within 60 days of the date the petition was filed.
  2. If the Respondent failed to file a response; the petitioner should file a request to enter default no later than 60 days after the last day that the response should have been filed unless the Petitioner extended additional time for filing the response.
  3. The Petitioner should serve the Respondent with their preliminary disclosures within 60 days after they filed the petition.
  4. If default is entered, the petitioner should submit their proposed judgment to the Court within 60 days of the entry of default date.
  5. When the parties informed the Court that they negotiating, they should file an at issue memorandum requesting a trial date or submit a proposed judgment no later than six months of the date that the petition was filed.

If your case is no longer on track, call JOS FAMILY LAW at ((714) 733-7066 so we can help you resolve the issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Coto De Caza, child custody decisions are made based on the best interests of the child. Factors such as the child's age, their relationship with each parent, the genuine ability of each parent to provide a stable environment, & any history of abuse or neglect are taken into consideration by the court. The court may also consider the child's own preferences if they are old enough to express them.

Yes, grandparents can be granted custody in Coto De Caza under certain circumstances. If it is actually determined that the child's parents are unfit i.e., unable to care for them, & it is in the best interests of the child, the court may award custody to the grandparents.

Yes, Coto De Caza child custody orders can be modified. However, there must be a significant transformation in circumstances since the original O.C. custody order was issued. Examples of significant changes could include a parent's relocation, a change in the child's needs, or evidence of abuse or neglect.

Visitation rights are typically determined by the court based on what is in the best interests of the child. The court may consider factors such as the parent's ability to provide a safe & stable environment for visitation, any history of abuse or neglect, & the child's own preferences.

Yes, you can request supervised visitation in Coto De Caza if you believe it is necessary to protect the safety & well-being of your child. However, you will need to provide evidence to the court demonstrating why supervised visitation is warranted.

If one parent violates a child custody order in Coto De Caza, the other parent can file a motion for contempt. The violating parent may be fined, have custody changed, or be sent to prison, depending on the severity of the infraction. It is crucial to document any violations & consult with an O.C. attorney to ensure your rights are protected.